Zcash Hashrate Question

Hi. I am very new to the Zcash system. Earlier I was using Nicehash to mine but I guess using a pool on ZecMiner is better? Anyway I am getting about 105 h/s for an AMD R9 270x PowerColor 2gb Card. That comes out to about $21 USD a month. Is this a low hash rate or can it somehow be improved? I would love some of your input. I am mining the flypool pool.

Try with Claymore miner, i used to have a HIS r9 270x 2gb and was making around 186 Sol/s with stock clocks

Got you. What your memory and gpu clocks? Just want to see if they are the same as mine.

Well i cant really tell you cause i already sold it, try to google for specifications on the HIS model, but i never did OC on that card.

Right now i am using 4 gtx 1060 6gb.

Good luck.

Not a problem. Off topic, but what is the hashrate you get on your current setup?

1260-1280 Sol/s around 315-320 on each card, running at 1835(engine)/4700(memory) and consuming around 110w per card. It is really efficient compared to rx 480/580. Zcash goes really well on nvidia cards anyway.

That looks really good. I'll look into it.

What would you recommend on setting it up? Do I need to think about cooling solutions here or just rely on the Card's default cooling?

What kind of motherboard you are using?

Well as for cooling, you may need some pcie risers, i recommed the ver 006c (the blue ones), that way you keep the cards in a fresh place with a good separation between each card; doing that you will get around 60-70 C without any extra cooling solution (it also depends on your environment temps).

I use my old m5a97 r2.0, because it has 4 pci-e ports (2 16x and 2 1x). But there is a lot of useful motherboards around with 4+ pci-e sockets.

I also use an evga supernova 850w g2, more than enough for the whole system.