About error private pool mining (btcp)

Hi everyone,
The first, i’m sorry about my English skill, it’s not good :smiley:
I already create a private pool for btcp (https://btcp.truepool.jp/). I’m using asic (A9) to mining. On website, i can see worker. when i show log, it has error
0|npm | Invalid solution: invalid collision length between StepRows
0|npm | X[i] = 074b7007b6810e0a4b0c9fa30776520193c706072c02b3a000fb2303135a
0|npm | X[i+1] = 01192b0669e80e5eba06f5da0af9520c155e0be451030d5105232e0b07cf
0|npm | 2018-08-12 15:19:35 [Pool] [btcprivate] (Thread 2) Share rejected: {“job”:“db54”,“ip”:“::ffff:”,“worker”:“b1RDQBjfMugWXQNYpXkSRXzTp66ziQrrfz6.noname”,“difficulty”:75.74084617,“error”:“invalid solution”} "

And i can not receive any btcp. Pls help me to fix the problem.

first problem is that you are using a private pool, odds of finding a block are very minimal. switch to a public pool

second, sometimes invalid shares happen due to high latency or slow internet

hi CitricAcid, thank you for your reply.
switch to a public pool: your mean i will switch on A9 to public pool or i change my private pool to public pool. if change from private pool to public pool, can you show me link or document to switch public pool