Zcash Pool - https://www2.coinmine.pl/zec/


I finalized a pool for Zcash TESTNET - it is still in beta but would appreciate if you can put some hash on it to find bugs if exist.

To mine you have to create an account and worker on https://www2.coinmine.pl/zec/ and mine with:

./zcash-miner -stratum=stratum+tcp://zec.coinmine.pl:7007 -user=worker_name -password=worker_password -debug -printtoconsole

If you have any problems please post it here.



It does not accept T address. "Unable to create account: Coin address is not valid " Z address is not accepted either.

Hi - can you send me the T address?

It does not look like, it is e-mail, passwords gathering pools.

mate - my pools are on the market since 2013 :slight_smile: so I believe you just joined crypto community?

If so, why does the page point the litecoin.org for blockchain download? Miners are for BTC, may be LTC. I’m not aware about open-source miners especially for Windows? Especially download Zcash client from … litecoin.org :slight_smile:

because this is beta pool and not everything works perfectly (including statistics)… just go to www2.coinmine.pl to find out what pools I provide :wink:

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@counsellor I appreciate your concern for the community but do not throw the word scam around or throw spam flags lightly.

Please take the time to speak with the OP of a thread if you do not understand what is or is not working, and why.

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e-mail and password gathering? The email address to sign up doesn’t even require verification. There are better ways to gather emails and passwords than posting in a niche forum promoting a pool for an altcoin. @feeleep / coinmine.pl has rep in crypto

Guys - I identified few issues and need to spend some time to fix it…

It seems that You have no experience in it. During registration process You should enter, exactly e-mail address, nick, password, wallet address. Taking into account technical level of people at this forum you can 80% confident that they use the same credentials on other forums or even e-mails. So, this the simple way to gather simply credential which you can use with slight modifications to get access to current of even future accounts. If this person want to run a pool and never compiled or generated wallet address by himself, how will he will going to do that. Simply re-transmitting hashing power to another pool (what seems another scammy option). At least he is very bad prepared for both legit and scam activity.

Your concerns are valid, however, you are coming across as fear mongering and counterproductive. Here ITT we have somebody contributing to the Zcash community, and you are calling it a “scam” with no basis.

80% confident

I don’t know what part of thin air you’re pulling this metric from. Of course any third party tool is going to require a password, it’s redundant and patronizing to remind me people to use a unique password - especially on a public forum which is revolving around the idea of creating a more private cryptocurrency.

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Issues fixed and we are finding blocks now

I used coinmine a long ago when I was mining Peercoin. I don’t consider them a scam whatsoever.

It’s worthless testnet coins for god’s sake. Save your accusations until this coin is actually worth something. Then you better know what your talking about before labeling. Otherwise you are the boy who cries wolf.

How long does it take for my dashboard to show the work I’ve submitted? My dashboard isn’t showing the worker after about 30 minutes.

I’m using @sarath-hotspot’s integration of the @tromp solver.

./zcash-miner -stratum=stratum+tcp://zec.coinmine.pl:7007 -user=xxxxx.xxxx -password=xxxxxx -debug -printtoconsole

Zcash Miner version v1.0.0-rc1-38e0e8b (2016-10-19 09:48:25 +0530)
Connecting to stratum server zec.coinmine.pl:7007
Starting miner
ZcashMinerThread started
Subscribed to stratum server
Target set to 0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f0f
Received new job #172
Authorized worker xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Checking solution 1
- Checking solution against target... too large.
Checking solution 2
- Checking solution against target...Found solution satisfying the server target
Solution found; Submitting to zec.coinmine.pl...
Running TrompEquihash solver with nNonceInBlock=0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000004cf5faff77
B-) Submitted and accepted.

it should be no more than few minutes - if you give me your account name I can check what happened. Also please keep in mind that I am currently working on backend to make sure everything works including payouts. Statistics are last on my list :slight_smile:


My account name is lazy_penguins. I’ve just started up my miner again and it doesn’t show up. Thanks.

indeed I dont see your activity on the pool - can you unhide xxxx from your miner command? you can send me this as PM or just email to support@coinmine.pl

My bad, I found a typo. I must have been contributing free hashpower to the pool. I can see my worker now.