Invalid solution: invalid collision length between StepRows

Invalid solution: invalid collision length between StepRows
X[i] = 04ecd907422d0db99a0648530bbafd0a4a230ff31000921c092c610d387d
X[i+1] = 007df402667e07130806420f083d1907e88a0bf4f5012dc000d24b096d2e
2018-09-13 18:17:23 [Pool] [zcash] (Thread 2) Share rejected: {“job”:“ccd8”,“ip”:“::ffff:”,“worker”:“t1XVDTvT7w9NiaounWMT4jfT79we6wQJGKz.A9TAH100x107”,“difficulty”:74.84407484,“error”:“invalid solution”}

It seems to be an issue with the A9 Master. it isn’t a critical issue it is just submitting solutions that are invalid.

I got that from this thread.

hope this helps

Does it affect the way pool works?

To be completely honest I don’t know and I would imagine that it would depend on the pool. That being said, the issue is some of the “solutions” it finds are not actual solutions, but the bit of code that double checks before it submits the solution doesn’t check this one special case.

The only people that can give a definitive answer is innosilicon and/or the pool you use. but im 99.99% sure it isn’t a problem, I think a lot more people will be up in arms. (someone in the thread I linked claimed to have had this confirmed as a non issue by innosilicon)

Seeing as this issue has been around for a while and hasn’t been fixed I would imagine it is not an issue that impacts earnings/hashrate.

If you do follow up with inno or the pool you use then please post their response in this thread so others can also know.

btw I do not own any ASIC’s, I got all this from googling.