About harmonic mining

Zcash seems to turn to dual algo in future. I propose to chose Ethash as another algo due to Ethereum dooms to turn to POS. So we can take over their power. In addition, if two algos are better than one, then three or more algos? We can support more algos to grab more powers from other network. In crypto world, there is no harmonic, no peace, just survive.

Basically that’s why it isn’t up for the next upgrade because it could not be fully determined whether some sort of dual mining would be more secure than the current model, Focus has shifted towards the things that are going into the next upgrade but this certainly is not off the table

While it makes indeed sense to take the gpu power from ETH there is not reason it should be Ethash:

  • first of all it would again contain asics on this algo
  • second, the gpu is flexible anyway. Even if a total different gpu algo is choosen the released hashpower from Ethash/ETH can easy switch to it.
  • third, there is a good chance that ETC will be the top coin on the remaining ethash network projects, means that every coin NOT being the top coin would be exposed to potential attacks much more than the top coin.

There are projects with 5 algos allready, see Verge/XVG and Digibyte/DGB, i can’t see how such design/setup has something superior. It’s maybe in interesting approach for whatever reason but as said, i fail to see how many multi algo designs benefit the project other than 5x as much work involved in everything, lol.

Anyway, there won’t be a harmony mining anytime soon so it doesn’t matter what our opinions are…