About listing our wallet on Zcash

We’re originated from Bither team, our team developed an open source bitcoin wallet - Bither wallet, which is recommended by bitcoin.org.

Bitpie is an industry leading multi-blockchain wallt with zero security accicdent since 2013, we are devoted to providing safe assests management for our users. We support Instant Trade, Dapps and lightning network, we also developed open-source hardware wallet - BITHD Watch and Razor.

If you have a minute to learn more about us, you can visit us here at bitpie.com


This sounds really cool.

Have you tried reaching out to the foundation? @sonya or @Shawn would be able to put you into contact with the right people.

Good luck.

Edit: I noticed you are going to support the ycash fork so @hloo would probably be a good person to talk to too. (the creator of the ycash fork)


We’ve chatted a bit. I can definitely point them in the right direction for integration help.

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maam need your help…how do i start of this i dont know what to do because i nood and beginner of this social network