"Account Not Found" after mining for 2 hours

Hi, so I downloaded and have been running ZCash and have properly set my wallet address in start.bat and it’s doing 1200 sol/s but for whatever reason trying to view the activity on eth.nanopool.org is coming back with “Account Not Found”

Nanopool | Ethereum | Account

How long does it take to show up and is this even the problem?

Also, I was mainly going by this youtube video here, but have a feeling this may be dated and that there may be a better wallet option or can I deposit directly into my Coinbase wallet? Thanks in advance!


I just got this reply from nanopool staff:

" Hello,
it takes up to 30 minutes to add a new account on web-site stats:

You are mining to invalid account. Please, use ZEC address to mine ZEC, not BTC.
Please, start mining with the new account address and email me again. I’ll transfer the coins (the remain balance) to the new one.
Please, send old and new accounts to send coins too, like : From xxxxxx to yyyyyyyy
Best regards,
Nanopool team"

Going on 2 hours and even with the correct ZEC address I still have no balance. The balance taking this long to show up isn’t confidence inspiring.

I just want to see that it’s working, that I need to wait multiple hours is a big fucking no go.

You are on the wrong server

Go to and make sure you mine to

Zec.nanopool.org not eth

Thank-you! I’m seeing activity on zec.nanopool now but I’m having another problem where my hashrate isn’t gelling with what’s reported there, I’m seeing 1250 sol/s with a 1080 Ti + 980 Ti on Bminer and I’m getting like 700 sol/s on zec.nanopool? What gives?

Hash rates fluctuate so you need to look at the 6 hour averages that should be more or less what your miner is reporting. No pool will give a accurate on this moment hash rate but an average over a period as it all depends on how fast you submit your share to the pool.