Nanopool stealing or zcash issue payment?s

Hi there anyone have thiss isue my payment from nanopool pending when i click on link redirect to zcash page not found

100 2016-11-09 12:00:42 0.031184323852 ZEC
109 2016-11-10 10:25:06 0.0333257714936 ZEC
108 2016-11-10 05:04:44 0.0149799206974 ZEC

my zcash wallet address t1Xd2pLyCs8waukCRuBbPeTomJd4SZMnnGW

should i stop mining?

perhaps just their wallet crashed / out of sync and need to resync which takes a bit of time. There are known bugs there in the github issue tracker on such things (other pools have similair issues)

when i go to link : Transactions - Zchain

page not found

yeah same here buddy, page not found when I clicked the pending linked. I guess we should a bit and let them do their thing.


All my pending payments (3 payments) were just removed from the list. Not confirmed, just removed. wtf

same here payment removed holly shit nanopool

I noticed that balance was increased, perhaps pending payments got back to your balance… let’s wait a little more

i sent them not answered
i had two requests pending Now, did I find them in the list of withdrawals

Got my payout now. they increase the minimum payout to 0.005.

i received also thank you

anyone else having problems with payments today. Im getting shares and around 50-60 sol/s been mining for about 12 hrs haven’t received any payments today

I mine Zcash at nanopool for about 3 weeks now. and I found this.
The first 1 or 2 weeks, everything runs ok. Nanopool actual mine more zcash than flypool. Then, until recently, I saw one “pending” on 07.oct.2017 around 21:4x:xx, that payment was pending for more than 5hrs, and when I check again next morning, it was gone. I went to see the top miner and see if they have the same problem as I do, and yes, all of them, at the same time 7.oct.2017 around 21:4x:xx, that payment was pending as long as I do. The second time when I see this problem again, which happed on the next day at night time, I stop all my miner. That pending payment not lost. (go check yours, I’m sure yours lost too)
And other incident is, I don’t know if you realized or not. Your Balance freeze for couple hrs. The balance number just freeze there. This happened before, back then I don’t know what’s going on until I lost my pending payment, I realized it might be stolen hashes. I think nanopool use these 2 methods to steel your zcash. Those incidents happen mostly at night time. Mining in the morning seems ok.

Today Flypool Sent my payment to my wallet after 20 hours I haven’t received nothing