Serious Discrepancy Between The Hash-rate I’m seeing and what’s being reported

I’m seeing 1250 sol/s with a 1080 Ti + 980 Ti on Bminer and I’m getting like 700 sol/s on zec.nanopool? What gives?

Additionally, looking closely at the data, I started last night at around 2030 and ran Bminer at ~1250 sol/s until 0830 (12 hours) and started back up again at 1130 this morning until present (3:15) so were looking at 15 hours of mining and a balance that should be something approaching 75% of ~.025 ZEC a day and I’m at .0089 ZEC, maybe half of what it should be.

Also, it’s showing a confirmed payout of .014 ZEC at 10:30 this morning yet nothing is showing in Jaxx, the wallet address I assigned to this?

Ok so there was a confirmed deposit of .0104 at 1030 am.

Even adding that to the indicated numbers I’m way under where I should be at 1250 sol/s. (.024-.027 ZEC a day) given that I’ve been mining for 17 hours I should see a total approximating .017 ZEC but I’m at:

.0104 (Confirmed Deposit)
.00023 (unconfirmed)

Total: .0122 (including unconfirmed).

What the fuck is going on here? Skimming? I have already downloaded and initialized Vertcoin and have WinMiner that I apparently make more with. If I don’t get an explanation of the above in 3 hours I’m done with mining on Nanopool.


I understand you just joined 24 hours ago but First why are you bitching and complaining on the Zcash forums? If you have a problem with Nanopool, then you should go there and open a support ticket, maybe?

ohh IMO using Jaxx for anything is a mistake that will cost you $$

and since you just joined the forums, and it seems you have no idea how this works : Your hashrate has nothing to do with your payout , it’s the shares from your hashrate that matter, then comes the luck of the pool. You can mine with a H/s of 50,000 but if you pool doesn’t find a block you get paid 0.00 for your shares

And please post a link to this bminer program, never heard of it

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