Adapting my gaming PC for zec mining, need advice on options :)

Hello :slight_smile:

Been using my pc for mining but would like to add more cards so i'm looking for the best option without building a dedicated mining rig.

Current PC spec.

I5 7600k ( i have been downclocking it when mining)
Gigabyte Z270 HD3P -
x1 16GB ram
80% gold EVGA 750w suprnova power supply (if i add more cards i can change this)

If I sold my 1080 i would not lose a lot of money if any with the current prices on ebay as i received cashback on it.

Am i best selling it and getting two 1070s with the option to add more as i go?

Can I keep my 1080 and add a 1070 or two without using SLI and so when i game it uses just the 1080?

Am i right in saying my motherboard supports 4 cards?

Any advice much appreciated :slight_smile:

My suggestion is keep your 1080 and add a 1070 or two. Don't use SLI - just mine on the 1070 and game on the 1080. Hell, you can even mine on the 1070 at the same time as gaming on the 1080, or mine on both while youre not using it.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

I like the idea of mining while gaming!

I presume i would use a riser for any of the cards i add?

Or can I use the pci-e slot without the sli bridge?

Yes we can :slight_smile:

Thats good to know, i can use the second pci-e slot and then use a riser for the third as my case has a vertical slot next to all the horizontal ones :slight_smile: