Starting to mine zcash - first steps & noob questions

hi all,

I want to start mining zcash and I am not 100% sure if my plan will work. :sweat_smile:

I have an very old PC that wasn't in use for ages.
Intel Pentium 4, 512Mb Ram

I am nowlooking to buy a gtx 1060 6GB graphic card and want to buy another gtx 1070 for my gaming pc.
In the gaming pc i am currently using a gtx 760 2GB card and want to use this one for mining as well.

so my setup would look like:
Intel Pentium 4, 512Mb Ram
1 x gtx 1060 6gb
1 x gtx 760 2gb

would this work?
i couldn't find any information which cpu or ram you need at least for mining and if its possible to use 2 different graphic cards.
also I am not sure if it makes sense to use the gtx760, i dont know the hashrate compared to power consumption.

some help would be very nice :slight_smile:
thanks in advance!

The amount of RAM on the PC is not a big concern for mining, it's more about the GPU. You can find information about hardware benchmarks like power consumption and hashrate here

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Make sure you have a PSU with a 6pin power. If not, mine with a 1050Ti that doesn't require an extra power connector.

512MB of RAM isn't a concern but you won't be able to run Windows 10/8.1, maybe 7 but I recommend Linux in this case.

thanks for your answer.
just found out that the mainboard only has an AGP & PCI Bus but no PCI-Express port.
so i guess i need a new mainboard :sweat:

any suggestions for a good mining board?
i don't plan to put 6 graphic cards in it, i just want to start with 1 x gtx1070 and maybe upgrade later.

Literally any board. Pick one and the cheapest CPU and a couple gigabytes of RAM. Usually pick one with 3-4PCIe slots. Even if they're 1x, you can get an adapter to 16x and mining isn't affected by 1x vs 16x PCIe.

I suggest using an open "test bench" case style because it allows many GPUs to fit and stay separated/cool.