Afterburner fan speed jumps back to auto


I have 2 1080 TI cards and I try to tune them using afterburner

I start simple, the rig is in the basement, so max fan speed won’t bother me
when I switch to manual fan control and set it to 100%, I can hear the fans speed up, but after a second, they slow down (at this point the setting on the screen still shows 100, but it is clearly not)
I switch to the second GPU and back (to “refresh” the screen) and the setting is back to automatic: around 60%

I also tried modifying the fan speed curve to 100% at 70 C, but it just ignores it

pic 1

any suggestions?

thanks in advance,

I would probably try with another software - i.e. Evga tool just to eliminate an issue with the MSI tool.
If it does the same thing, then its not the tool but some other application changing the GPU setting.