Afterburner settings keep resetting on my Gtx 1080Ti. How to resolve?

Hello fellow miners,

I like my gtx 108ti to run at 150w. To do so, I set the Afterburner power limit settings to 55%. However, when check a few hours later, it’s back at 100%. This has happened a number of times. If it runs at 100%, it uses 284W (as confirmed by NVidia Inspector)!

Anyone have any ideas for a resolution?

I’m using Celeron cpu, 8GB ram, 64gb ssd, gtx 1080ti 11GB. Running Windows 10 and Nicehash Miner 2.

Thank you so much for any help you can offer!



Try turning on or off the Unofficial Overclocking Mode.
Make sure that apply overclock at startup is on.

I did read online that Afterburner is superior to EVGA Precision, ASUS GPU Tweak and Gigabyte XTREME ENGINE as it allows to fine tune settings that aren’t even shown in the other OC software.

Personally, I used Gigabyte XTREME ENGINE for my 1070 G1, but after adding ASUS Strix I switched to ASUS’ software because it shows GPU load, temps, fan speed % for all GPUs in one graph.
I wish I could help you more, but I switched from Afterburner: used it from 2012 to 2015, and have given it a try a week ago.
Switched back to ASUS GPU Tweak II.

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Nice hash miner automatically reset OC the settings how it want it. This you canot fix it, excavator is doing it by its way. Sorry

You need to find lower version of nice hash 1.3 that is not overwrite the OC settings


Thank you. I am fine with NiceHash changing the OC settings, so long as I can keep power limit at 55%. NiceHash 2 gives options for tweaking things in the config file. Does anyone know what I could change in the config file to keep power limit at 55%?

Thank you,