AMD GPU Mining Rig - What Would You Do?

Hey hey,

So pretty new to mining but I’m gettin along. I have a i5-2500k with 16gb ram and it’s getting me about 17 sol/s - stock clock.

Might add a GPU to it, but was actually thinking of picking up some cheap gear to build a multi-gpu mining rig.

I guess the consensus here is AMD is working better than Nvidia, so my question is this:

Would you…
a) buy 2 AMD HD Series (6970, 7850) 2 GB cards
b) buy a single RX 460/470 4GB card

Will I get more mining performance out of one or the other? What if it was 3 AMD 2GB cards (for a total of 6 GB video ram) vs. a single RX 470?


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