What should i buy Rx470's or R9 390's

Hey there finally after 1 month unlucky financial issues I’m gonna build my rigs. I need to say that I know minings risks and I’m okay with funding this project of mine.

I bought 6 rx470 4gb’s for first rig. When I just thinking of buying 6 rx 470’s more fofr my rig i saw claymore’s v8 update. And the hashraters of 390’s is flawless. So what is your tip should i buy r9 390’s for my second rig. rx 470’s cost me 235 dolar each and r9 390’s gonna cost me like 260 dolar (second hand all used like 2 or 3 month with warranty) . And until May 1 of my rig can free electricity.

And btw should i buy 2x 1000 psu for 6x r9 390 ?

These are my questions thanks in advance for your kind answers :slight_smile:

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