AMD Hardware GPU Questions

I am creating this thread for all of the specific AMD GPU Questions, there have been a ton of “How much Sols/s can I get with my RX470?” Threads. So this will hopefully make information easier to find for all users.

Please consult this thread and feel for to add questions about AMD. Nvidia/CUDA has another thread.

The Sapphire RX 470 Nitro 4Gb seems to be using the new Samsung Memory, has anyone released a modded bios for this?

Does anyone know when the amd vega gpu will be out and approx cost? I’m feeling excited just thinking about them :grin:

Are there any good zcash bios mods foe the Sapphire nitro 480 8gig cards?

Thank you, that is epic. I will check out your 480 folder tomorrow.

I am quite new to Zcash.
Normally I mine ETH and I optimized RX 480 with polaris bios but I started with Hex coding. And I have notices that Equalhash need other settings to improve the hashrate.

Since I am quite new to hex scripting aswel and I could use a little bit of a help. What I want to do is gather some more information how Hex scripting exactly works and try to get the most out of the RX 480 Nitro card.

If you are willing to help and work in a small group you can contact me so we can start modding together :wink:

Atm I have 144Sol with Sapphire Nitro RX 480 8GB.

Currentry I am running 24 Rigs (123 Sapphire Nitro RX 480 8GB and 12x Stock XFX RX 480 8GB)
Motherboard: AsRock H81 Pro BTC
8Gb Ram
Intel Celeron 1840G
Kingston 128GB SSD


144 Sol/s is quite ok, for a stock rom.
Tweaking the memory straps improves the hashrate a little bit. But the most you get out of overclocking the core speed.

I have never done any hex modification on a rom.
So I am not sure about improvements there.

But check this topic.
Maybe this can help you.

A bit off-topic, but do you void warranty if you apply custom BIOS on your GPU?
Or if you mess memory timings?

I know you don’t void warranty with overclocking it. (well you kinda do, but they can’t prove that you were acctually overclocking it, so it’s the same as if there are no rules about it).

I already overclocked my Card so its out of warrentry. But I saved my original bios. And here in my country I know some companies that doesnt look at the card when return them back.

I overclocked my card for ETH. I am running 31.6 mhs and stock I get 27mhs. But that is only done by polaris bios editor. But I pref to do Hex coding. I don’t want to see any Memory errors and get more out of the card what I am running right now.

Yes you void the warranty if you change to a custom BIOS.

@Dolleminer, how do you check for memory errors?

If you start the Hwinfo Software select sensors only and if you scroll down you will find memory errors.
See below the section you want to see

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Uhh beautiful! thanks!

But there are 2 kind or errors. You have Correctable and UnCorrectable But Correctable are not so serious as UnCorrectable

it would be great if you could have a thread teaching people how to hex edit, but honestly people have a hard enough time using polaris bios editor from my experience… so teaching people to hex edit could really be a headache

I can but its quite pain in the b**t

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Hex editing is not that hard in this case. You have to find a string starting at address X, ending at address Y and replace it. The Polaris Editor does the same.

I know reversed Hex code isnt that hard. But its more Mvddci, vdcci, vdcci and VID and know what the right V belong the the gpu core, memory, trap. I am creating a table where to get a better view and from there I will be able to adjust everything to improve the hashrate and its trial and error ofc

Hello guys i need someone to help me and share with me a bios for my cards rx470 nitro 8giga to reduce the power and to give more hash please. thank you so mush i appreciate any help


It’s pretty easy to make your own BIOS. Just google a guide on modding & flashing your own BIOS. That’s how I learned.