AMD Vega Frontier

Watch Cryptomined on youtube.


well, we're hope by update drivers of AMD and Claymore, hey try you with Excavator-miner ; maybe you're profit be better..


It's a waste of a video, he uses some program and says he was able to mine around 31mh but nothing about what software he used.., game mode, pro mode, doesn't show it in his rig, just outside promo shots to make you believe he has one, and a single still frame shot that is cut off...

The program is ethminer if it can help you

I'm curious what for performance can we get on zcash.

could you try different miners

Not better than Rx 580 much...

Tested today after the driver update to the Vega Frontier from 07/26, on Windows 10 64bit Claymore or Optiminer will not run Zcash


You can now run vega frontier using Claymore 9.8 for eth

getting 32mh per card

So not the crazy 70-100 Mh/s?

No, this is the founders edition, teh crazy hashes will come from the Gaming editions VEGa 64 and 56

Vega Frontier now works using Claymore 12.6

getting around 470 h/s per card Stock


=GTX1070, lol. Hopefully RX will do better

It will! But I believe rx Vega should be used to mine ETH. Much more profitable, probably.

With how many watts? :joy:

For sure has not been optimized yet for mining, this should be improved on driver and miner software side.

IMO if the flagShip Vega Frontier is doing 32mh stock on eth and 470 h/s on zec thinking the new RX vega’s are going to do more (keeping all things equal) is equivalent to holding one hand outstretched waiting for it and the other hand 6" below your posterior… let’s see which one fills up first