Problems with ASRock H110 Pro BTC+?

Hey everyone,

I wanted to get into ZEC mining so I purchased the H110 Pro BTC+ and 3x Radeon Vega Frontier GPU’s. I have Windows 10 for the proof of concept mining rig (plan to use ethOS when I scan past 8 gpu’s), but none of the GPU’s are recognized.

I’ve been crawling the internet for days and have tried just about every trick out there, but nothing seems to work. Has anyone else has similar problems with an ASRock mb?


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Possible to restore to a different driver version?

TBH, I haven’t even made it that far, because windows doesn’t recognize the 3 gpu’s!

Vega drivers arent yet “really” ready

Is that why Windows 10 can’t even locate the cards? Thought it could be a BIOS issue…

Vega drivers aren’t “really” ready.

Any news on the next releases? This is surprising, as I’ve seen plenty of people running these cards to mine crypto

Try with one card to test, one by one . Aslo you can try the ethOS see what is going on. I will have my H110 Pro BTC+ today or tommorow .

Hey minerro,

I tried that, and even modified the BIOS in a few small ways. It looks like Jimmy97one61 was right - a lot of people are having issues with the vega cards after the driver updates.

I’m actually glad that this happened, because it forced me to get out and start looking at the rest of the ZCash forums for a few days and doing a lot more research on GPU’s. I ended up returning my 3 Vega Frontiers and purchasing 4 AORUS GeForce GTX 1080 Ti.

I selected those because I intend to used ethOS eventually, but am using Windows 10 for the proof of concept model. If this thing works ok for about 7 days, then I’m aiming to have 4 full 13 GPU rigs built by early September.

Can you tell me what processor did you use on the H110?

wow…that thing is a beast :slight_smile: 13 GPUs MB.

p.s. I see its Socket 1151 , - technically you can use any 1151 Intel CPU…but if it was me , I would put a non-Celeron one there. say…some cheap i3 may be…

Lennart.B: Don`t know about you, but if it was me I would probably wait a bit before going into VEGA territory just yet…
Issues would clear in few months then it would be stable.

Hey @juhub,

I ended up returning the Vega Fronteirs to newegg, but thanks for the advice! My 4 GTX 1080 TI’s arrive at some point today, so I’m sure that I’ll be back on the forums to complain about things not working :smiley: