An example of t-addresses being good for adoption and interop

I just saw this tweet thread from THORChain:

It appears to be addressed to members of their community and/or investors who are worried about additional risks to THORChain from integrating Zcash and other (lesser) coins that have a privacy feature. The points they make are that 1. integrating these new coins doesn’t add additional risk in terms of regulatory risk or loss of transparent auditability of the THORChain operations since they use transparent features of those coins, and 2. the users still get privacy because their privacy features are only 1 tx away.

I completely agree! And, the THORChain folks probably don’t know this yet, but the Shielded By Default campaign is going to make that 1 tx for privacy automatic for Zcash users! :slight_smile:




Sorry Zooko, couldn’t resist :rofl:


Downloaded :joy:

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As far as I can tell there isn’t a strong consensus (within the active Zcash community) to deprecate the transparency pool today. But I imagine this will be a dividing topic if/when the idea of a new scalable transparent pool is raised… :thinking: