[ANN] ZPool.it | PPLNS | 0% Fee | ZCL / ZEC / ZDash

ZPool.it is a multipool based on Equihash Alchorhythm. The server is hosted on a dedicated server in a stable environment and high uptime and optimal mining. As a pool maintainer we will not charge you with a pool fee. Since we do not want to 'charge' our miners to mine at our pool but rely on donations instead.

ZCash Pool:

ZClassic pool:

ZDash Pool:

Some of our pool aspects:
- 0% Pool Tax,
- Fully donation driven,
- High up time and low latency,
- PPLNS Rewards & Payouts,
- 0.01 Minimum Withdrawal.

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Looks good, It's PPS or PPLNS?

The mining pool is running on Z-NOMP (Fork of NOMP) which is PROP payout. The payout system (PPLNS/PPS/PROP) cannot be changed trough the config because it is hard coded.

// Edit: Advertised wrong Payment Method.

Question, how would you scale a pool on the nodejs platform?