ZedPool: New Zcash Stratum Mining Pool


We are announcing a new Zcash stratum mining pool: zedpool.com

We have a 0% pool fee with payouts calculated using PPLNS.
All rewards are paid to the miners, block rewards and transaction fees.

We will be adding miners to the pool throughout the day.

We are not convinced PPLNS with a flat pool fee is necessarily the best strategy. We’d love to hear from the community on what your preferred pool setup would be.

We’ll be continually updating the pool and the website, including adding geographically distributed servers soon. If there are any features you’d like to see please just let us know!

We have fixed some issues with our website and settled on a tiered fee structure. We would like to reduce the fee for miners with more hardware. Assuming 180 Sol/S per GPU, the fee will be reduced by 0.001% per GPU to a minimum of 0.8%. These values are not set in stone. What would miners like to see for a tiered fee structure?

Currently we are still running with 0% fee and intend maintain that until we need to renew our hosting.

Have been mining in this pool for a few days now with 2 miners. Low H/s but I haven’t seen any payment. Is there a minimum needed? I show over 4000 shares on the miner I am currently looking at and have seen payments from other pools much quicker. Would love to know whats up before I join a different pool.

What miner are you using and is the website reporting a correct hashrate?

nheqminer from nice hash the site shows me at between 10-20 H/s depending on how active I am.

t1NqCamFmRMiaEZC7zTxsBBwYMJuuTNy9ra is the address it am using, shows in the site and as a top miner on some days

The problem right now is that the pool is not quite large enough at the moment to to find a block as often as other pools. The reward you receive will be equivalent to that of other pools minus the fee. It will be distributed less often but will work out to be the same amount.

The rate of rewards depends on how often the pool finds a block.

No worries then, just glad to have feedback on it. Wasn’t sure what the issue was. Hopefully the pool size increases!

Hi, im new here, i will start mining in this pool too :wink:

Thanks for coming. Let me know if you have any issues. Also do you have experience mining in other currencies or pools? What fee structure would you like to see?

I have this error:

Received error: {“id”:4,“error”:[-21,“Shareisabovetarget”]}

im pretty bad talk in english hehe

Do you receive it often? What miner are you using? That looks like the share you are submitting does not meet the required difficulty.

Im using this minner t1Wnp8oJ4oMeMd7V8xERzCFafQrVS2YKiqD

Running Claymore’s ZCash AMD GPU Miner v8.0 Beta

Is this config right?

-zpool zedpool.com:3333
-zwal t1Wnp8oJ4oMeMd7V8xERzCFafQrVS2YKiqD.abr
-zpsw x

Is it working now? Do you see they error often?
It is expected to happen once in a while.

ZEC: Share accepted (187 ms)!
ZEC: 11/28/16-22:56:26 - SHARE FOUND - (GPU 0)
ZEC: Share accepted (203 ms)!
ZEC: 11/28/16-22:56:27 - SHARE FOUND - (GPU 1)
ZEC: Share accepted (203 ms)!

GPU0 t=54C fan=74%, GPU1 t=56C fan=47%
ZEC: 11/28/16-22:56:31 - SHARE FOUND - (GPU 1)
ZEC: Share accepted (203 ms)!
Pool sets new share target: 0x0015c988 (diff: 3008H)
ZEC: 11/28/16-22:56:31 - New job from zedpool.com:3333
ZEC - Total Speed: 279.758 H/s, Total Shares: 74, Rejected: 0, Time: 00:01
ZEC: GPU0 123.619 H/s, GPU1 156.140 H/s
ZEC: 11/28/16-22:56:32 - SHARE FOUND - (GPU 0)
ZEC: Received error: {“id”:4,“error”:[-21,“Shareisabovetarget”]}
ZEC: 11/28/16-22:56:33 - SHARE FOUND - (GPU 1)
ZEC: Share accepted (203 ms)!
ZEC: 11/28/16-22:56:35 - SHARE FOUND - (GPU 1)
ZEC: Received error: {“id”:4,“error”:[-21,“Shareisabovetarget”]}
ZEC: 11/28/16-22:56:36 - SHARE FOUND - (GPU 1)
ZEC: Received error: {“id”:4,“error”:[-21,“Shareisabovetarget”]}
ZEC: Received error: {“id”:4,“error”:[-21,“Shareisabovetarget”]}
ZEC: Received error: {“id”:4,“error”:[-21,“Shareisabovetarget”]}
ZEC: Received error: {“id”:4,“error”:[-21,“Shareisabovetarget”]}
ZEC: Received error: {“id”:4,“error”:[-21,“Shareisabovetarget”]}

Thanks, I think I have fixed the issue. Let me know if it keeps happening.

Still Getting “ZEC: Received error: {“id”:4,“error”:[-21,“Shareisabovetarget”]}”

Dunno why, ill check my config.txt

before this pool i was using zedpool.com w/o issues

I think it is fixed now. It was on my side, your config seems fine.

The issue was when the server sent you a new difficulty, Claymore does not honor the “clean” flag on new jobs. This caused the miner to work on a stale difficulty.

“ZEC: Received error: {“id”:4,“error”:[-21,“Shareisabovetarget”]}” its solved,

now i getting

ZEC: Received error: {“id”:4,“error”:[-21,“StaleJob”]}

but was 2 times, now its gone :wink:

Getting This now

GPU #0 returned incorrect data! f965d103
GPU #0 returned incorrect data! de25e1e3
GPU #0 returned incorrect data! dbb401b6
GPU #0 returned incorrect data! d1064144
GPU #0 returned incorrect data! ea30ec9c
GPU #0 returned incorrect data! b7c068e8
GPU #0 returned incorrect data! a7c3e877
GPU #0 returned incorrect data! e3d45137
GPU #0 returned incorrect data! a087810a
GPU #0 returned incorrect data! a4a17957
GPU #0 returned incorrect data! a790100f
GPU #0 returned incorrect data! 64b0cd93
GPU #0 returned incorrect data! f950d107
GPU #0 returned incorrect data! 6960a9c3
GPU #0 returned incorrect data! c6c67d52
GPU #0 returned incorrect data! c884cd79
GPU #0 returned incorrect data! fe41d5c1