Announcing Ycash, The First "Friendly Fork" of the Zcash Blockchain

Four blocks in two days - so yeah, kinda fun, for me its all about getting things working.

As for the price, doesn’t matter, ask me after the second halving :wink:


Freedom of expression is a right I have in Canada. Sorry about your misfortune.

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All: One or two forum members have recently posted negative comments about the Ycash team to this thread. I just wanted to let everyone know that Ycash development is proceeding as planned, roughly following our published software development roadmap.

We are very excited about our highest priority projects:

  1. Porting the very important light client work from the ZecWallet team to Ycash.
  2. Implementing a new light client server based on Intel’s SGX secure enclave technology. (This project is inspired by–and based in part on–the ZLiTE paper).
  3. Bringing shielded Ycash transactions to mobile devices (both Android and iOS).

The current market price of YEC does not affect these important projects. All work is being funded outside of the Ycash Development Fund (YDF), so no YDF coins have been spent to date.

Also, note again that the Ycash Foundation is a nonprofit, and all the software development work funded by the Ycash Foundation is publicly available on Github pursuant to open source licenses. Other coin projects–including Zcash–are welcome to use that work under those licenses.


Where are these comments? Were they deleted? I scrolled up 30 days, even put my glasses on, and can’t locate them.
Boxalex asked if its a 1 man show, new board members…
Few comments about the IRS and taxing
Solo Mining
Don’t see it… so it was deleted??

If it was deleted WHY would you bring it back up. You could have been a professional and left out the entire first sentence. "One or two forum members have recently posted negative comments about the Ycash team to this thread. "

Could someone tell me what new code or features or ground breaking technology Ycash has brought to the world? Everything I see that they have has came from Zcash or other open source software.

Its like Ycash is the Borg

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Thought they did some good work on viewing keys ?

Anyway, with Phil exercising his constitutional right to be unpleasant & other criticisms I’m not surprised Howard feels the need to react.


I assume he was talking about @PhusionPhil but was vague about the numbers so he wasn’t being directly antagonistic. idk I cant speak for him, but I like his post under that assumption.

I think it was the smile joke. which phil backed up with the “free speech!” - I am not sure how an insult and free speech are connected but, hey, we don’t have freedom of the press in my country. (no free speech)

Ah yes, the Magna Carta, that wonderful document that bestows upon all Englishmen the same rights as a potato.

Should prob mention YEC now, just to keep the post on topic… still block mining BTW, got five now.


I love it!


Tell me what kind of movie?

@Anton1, The Borg first appeared in the television series “Star Trek: The Next Generation”.


Well played Mr. Loo… well played… :person_fencing:


Hey all,
FYI there’s now a community Twitter account for Ycash:
Posts are not only about Ycash, but also about all things related to digital and crypto privacy. Quality and informative content only!
Please join in following us! :slightly_smiling_face:


…and you are ?? (some random person on the net called ‘addr’)

Gotta be careful, some people try to establish themselves as an ‘official source’ & later promote some coin-stealing-code as an upgrade - how about getting @hloo to vouch for this :wink:


It’s a legitimate question! I’m indeed some random person on the net — well, to be more precise, a random miner and holder of Ycash.

The twitter account is definitely an UNofficial source, and unfortunately I can’t use a zk proof to prove its truthfulness. As it is said, the proof is in the pudding…

At this stage I guess the best would be to give it a try, and to just hit that report button if you ever see a suspicious post there :wink:

With all that being said, @hloo does know a bit about me, even though we never met in person.


The only official Ycash Foundation account on Twitter is That is the only account that I will personally vouch for.

Since @addr has publicly stated that I “know a bit about” him or her, it is appropriate that I state publicly what I know.

I believe that the person behind the YcashCommunity Twitter account participates in multiple Ycash forums (like Telegram and Reddit), but uses a different handle for each forum. (I didn’t realize that the person used the @addr handle on this forum until now.) I’m assuming that the use of multiple handles is for privacy reasons, so out of respect for the person’s privacy, I will not mention any of the other various handles from other forums so as to not accidentally dox the person. I’ll stick to using the person’s chosen handle for this forum.

Assuming that what I wrote above is true, to be completely candid, I have mixed feelings about my past interactions with @addr. On the one hand, @addr has been one of the most active users in a few of the various Ycash-related forums. @addr has consistently helped answer questions from other users and also has volunteered time to help spread the word about Ycash, and for that I am very grateful.

On the other hand, I personally disagree with @addr about a lot of issues that roughly fall under the category of marketing/branding (or lack thereof). I have no problem with these disagreements, but on occasion I have found his tone to be disrespectful.

I believe that the “YcashCommunity” Twitter account is one Ycash user’s good faith attempt at trying to spread the word about Ycash, but:

  1. It is not an official Ycash Foundation account (as @addr already made clear) and has no connection to the Ycash Foundation.
  2. I have no personal connection or involvement with the account.
  3. Despite its name, it should not be considered representative of a large group of Ycash users.

I do use various handles depending on the forum, and yes it’s for privacy reasons.

Regarding @hloo comment, I’ve been an active users of various Ycash forums since the start indeed (mainly Telegram and Reddit). Not much here.

As for branding, @hloo is right — as I said Howard, I’m sorry if I’ve been harsh when we last talked! I guess when you’re invested, you can get emotional sometimes. That being said, I think what I pointed out in terms of marketing/branding are valid points — and scrolling up a bit here I can see that I’m not the only having made comments on that.

Despite this, I believe I’ve been mainly constructive — by being active with the community, building the subreddit, launch an unofficial account on Twitter, working on a graphic identity for social media, and help spread the word about Ycash the best I could.

As for the community account “not being representative of a large group of Ycash users”, my only hope is that it will be. I’m handling it by myself right now but if other people want to get involved, share their ideas and participate, they’re most welcome to do so. The account retweets virtually any quality content about Ycash (make sure to use #Ycash $YEC tags in your post!), and you can also send a DM on Twitter if you wanna talk directly and share your comments and ideas :slight_smile:


Personally, I’m impressed by this interaction between you and Howard. Will be following :slight_smile:


@hloo, congratulations for the launch of YecLite!

Do you have plans for new features/improvements that can be merged upstream to @adityapk00’s ZecWallet Lite?


In testing YecLite and Zecwallet Lite in parallel, we’ve found issues that affect both. For such issues, we always relay the issue (and any potential fix that we develop) upstream to the ZecWallet team. So we have already had a positive (albeit very minor) effect on upstream ZecWallet Lite.

Given our very limited resources, to be honest with you, I’m not inclined to fund significant new features and improvements that can be merged upstream to Zecwallet Lite at this time. I’d rather fund the development of a new Ycash server based on Intel’s SGX secure enclave technology (along the lines of the proposed ZLiTE architecture) and Android/iOS clients for that server. I think that would provide a much greater benefit to future Ycash users and Ycash merchants.