Zecwallet-Lite UI - beta1

The Zecwallet lightclient is finally here!

The UI version of the Zecwallet lightclient, called Zecwallet-Lite is now out for beta testing. Download: https://github.com/adityapk00/zecwallet-lite/releases/tag/1.0-beta1

Zecwallet-Lite is a fully featured lightclient that has all the features and functionality of Zecwallet:

  • Full shielded address support
  • Full incoming + outgoing memo support
  • Transparent address support
  • Adderss book, companion app support, etc…

You can get started in under a minute with Zecwallet-Lite, without needing to download the blockchain.

Please Note

  • This is very much beta software
  • Please be careful, use small amounts of funds
  • Please backup your seed phrase

As always, if you run into bugs or other issues, please let me know. You can file issues on github or even comment here.


I’ve used it and it’s so easy to set up and use. It can be downloaded and synced in under a minute, and it’s just like the CLI but with a UI. Great job, Aditya!

I’ve also rocketchatted to Aditya and he’s already aware of the feedback on here, but I’m posting them here so other people can know which ones were addressed/made aware to him, so that they can send him non-duplicate feedback in the future.


  1. For some period of time, there is a time when your transaction screen view shows 4 confirmations, but the available balance is still 0 in the send screen. Context: the client requires 4 confs before spending funds. Could you make it so that they both update at the same time, when the funds are available?
  2. When I send to multiple recipients, I can only add a memo to the first recipient.
  3. When I sent to multiple recipients (2), for a brief time, it showed two sends, in the transaction window view, even though I sent one. It eventually resolved itself.
  4. When I sent to multiple recipients, the transaction screen does not show which addresses it was sent to, just shows (multiple). List out the addresses that the money was sent to, along with each amount that was sent to them somehow.
  5. It seems like I can add recipients endlessly. There should be a max that takes into account transaction size or whatnot.
  6. Disable sends if the balance is 0.00? This prevents people from getting the warning thing, and it can just be as simple as not allowing the send button to be clickable, to just greying out the whole UI and telling people to wait/load funds.
  7. Special characters (', !) are not escaped properly and throw a JSON error.
  8. Ensure UI enforces memo field limits and stops people from inputting memos that are too long.