Another Nanopool Mining Monitor [Android App]

Hi Everyone,

This is to inform all the miners who are mining ZCash using nanopool, that there is another android application to help you monitor your mining performance on the go.

I know there are many out there but this one is having a clear visuals and statics.

Take a look at the screenshot below (Sorry I can put only one image at this time. you can see the rest of the screenshots in PlayStore listing):

The UI is less cumbersome. It neatly represents what in a snap should be visible to the eye. If you are having more than one account mining for the ZCash you can do that by adding that and switching between them.

You can see the progress of your accumulated balance before payout in a nice chart. and if you swipe the same you will get to see the hash performance chart.

Color theme is matching the Nanopool color theme for ZCash.

The application is doesn’t contain any ads which saves the bandwidth on the go and screen real-estate too keeping the good looks. This all you get in a nominal price tag of $1.

PlayStore Link

There are other applications for other cryptocurrencies supported by nanopool. Go chaeck them out too.

Disclaimer: I am the developer of the applications. Your feedback and spread of the word will be appreciated.