Nanopool paid half of Flypool


Compare payment between flypool and nanopool.

I did not compare shere. becouse flypool have not data so.

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Yeah I swear nano pool payouts are really low, two days very little coins for me

you have 40k sols ? 20 one each farm ?

nah, I wish i have.
its some miner on both pools.

the only reason all my rigs are not on flypool is nanopool allows for notificaitons when rigs go down.
unlike flypool a rig could be down for days and you would never know unless you log in

You can monitor to process at your local PC right?
I don’t need to alert from a mining pool because it’s too late to notice.

Yeah I supposed but I like to know which ones are down so I know which ones to reboot when I get home or if I can stay out longer or need to head home etc

Nagios my friend, nagios. Learn it, use it, love it and hate it. Nagios will in fact solve the problems of which you speak.

I like to call it NAG ios since I used to have it set to blow up my iphone on the rare occasion it couldn’t fix the problem on it’s own. Which was once or twice daily. But considering most miners get a max 6hrs before slowing down and needing a reboot, I figure it was a godsend.

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I thought something wasn’t right with my nanopool readouts either and switched to flypool again, however using Claymore v2, my average rate is far lower than the current rate, anyone else got this issue?

Even on nanopool the reported hashrate is 0 (like in your example).

The average on flypool is calculated over 24 hours. Wait for a day and it should rise.

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Because you nearly doubled your hashrate only a day ago with nanopool after taking it off of flypool, so you were still getting paid shares and previously-unconfirmed ZEC at flypool and have yet to receive shares and confirmations you are due at nanopool. You have 45,000 Sol/s and you are not taking this into account? You can confirmed this by looking and your last few payouts and shares at nanopool and seeing they are the same eventhough you took nearly half of your miners offline. Also look how big your last few hours of payouts are. There was apparently a long delay in confirmations due to 25% of miners switching back to ETH late yesterday due to the price drop.

Having said that, after some detailed figuring on my own and yours for yesterday, it does seem like we’re still missing 25%. Not the 125% you’re claiming above. I expect more confirmations will come through. There are 3 blocks (5% of their daily) from yesterday that have not been confirmed. That’s weird. another thing to consider is that with only 60 blocks found in a day for a pool, the EXPECTED error for EACH pool is 1/SQRT(60) = 13%. And a net decrease in network hash rate for the day means slightly fewer than 576 blocks will be found as the difficulty adjustment lags.

For my 735 S/s yesterday, I should expect the following each day with a pool:
735 Sol/s / 9.75 M global Sol/s x 576 blocks/day x 2.8 ZEC/block = 0.122 ZEC/day per 735 Sol/s. I got 0.0866, but the weirdness of a delay at nanopool showing up this morning means I actually got about 1.0. The other factor might account

I have to use less than the actual 2.85 ZEC/block because of the delay in confirmations.

Use suprnova. Transparent.

I was on suprnova , at first but the UI is super slow and payout fees are really high

@williambanks they dont have this for windows 10

SuprNova is transparent , but I am not loving the 1% fee

plus they they remind me I am not making donations WTF !

i verified my @nanopool earnings and they seem transparent

only reason i think about for this difference is the PPLNS duration, it was 24 hours, they cut it th 6 hours few days ago and now it’s 90 minutes

In my opinion a serious pool would not hold miners earnings this long, nevertheless they reduced it so i’m happy with this pool

@imish how would u verify it ?

Based on the number of shares ?

I didnt realized it they moved it to 90 minutes.

But the real issue is zcash is droping like a rock with no demand for it :frowning:

No,no… we are not holding reward anyway. We distribute it the moment we
mined a block. The difference only old miners working from the start of
PPLNS window get more shares than new ones. On the other hand you’ll get
some ZEC even after you quit mining.
90 minutes looks reasonable now. Probably we’ll reduce it more in the
future, when we have more statistic data.

@nanopool sorry for my misunderstanding
i wish you continued success in your challenges

On flypool, you can name each of your rigs as a worker by using this format: .


Etc.This way you can look at a glance and see which of your rigs is offline or underperforming and needs a reboot.