[Android app] Zcash Mining Pool Monitor for flypool.org

Zcash Mining Pool Monitor is free monitoring application for check your worker’s statistics on flypool.org Zcash mining pool. Simply add your Zcash wallet and you will see your mining progress from your account api data of Zcash flypool mining pool.


  • Reported Hashrate (MH/s)
  • Effective Current Hashrate (MH/s)
  • Effective Average Hashrate (last 24h)
  • Unpaid balance of Zcash (ZEC)
  • Current Active Workers
  • Time to next Zcash
  • ZEC for minute/hour/day/week/month
  • USD for minute/hour/day/week/month
  • BTC for minute/hour/day/week/month
  • Chart success of mining at the time
  • Optimalization for small and big miners
  • Payment transactions
  • Worker’s list
  • Worker detail: Id, Effective Hashrate, Reported Hashrate, Shares (Invalid / Stale / Valid / % Invalid)

Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=xyz.cryptomines.zcash






it’s just first fast release. We know about some bugs. In next version should be better. But you can write here some feedback or ideas.

Looks good, will give it a try

if you find any errors/problems, please write us email or feedback here for repair. thanks a lot.

no apple love… sad times sad times

apple? really? wooow, but no. Android #1

new version of Zcash Monitor app is available in store. there are many new functions.

apple version we can do it, but it’s little bit expensive for start with free app.

We have problem with API speed data. we are receiving wrong data and prediction mining values are double. Should we optimalizate it? it may show wrong data in future. Please let us know, what we should do with it, otherwise this function will be switched off.


Other problem is with “next payment value”. It’s calculated from saved Payment threshold in settings, but not for all accounts is working ok. And payment are sending in another values and times. Not like in settings… Should we switch off this function?

wow i missed this thanks, do you have an APK download for this? i dont use google play

few of our apps is for download outside store. but I must check witch version is available.

v 1.6 - Hide offline workers. I love this new option. great job! :+1:

thanks a lot. these offline workers are in zcash api longer time than in other’s pool. that’s why we added this function :slight_smile: happy to hear you like it.

ok thanks, im in china and have problems using google play so if you can provide an APK i can do a video on your app
you can always PM me the link if you dont want to share it publically

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we have final result from pool of prediction table in app. in API there are finally uncorrect speed data and we calculate with these values. We get many negative ratings because of this function. We will try calculate it from other values or we will switch off this prediction values table.

here is the link: https://apkpure.com/zcash-mining-pool-monitor/xyz.cryptomines.zcash

this is not our official download. I don’t install apk from these sources. there can be malware, virus or some bad codes. Ads are added by 3rd party hackers/admins etc. I prefere some official store in asia/china.

ok thanks :slight_smile:
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we changed wrong api prediction speed data to our alghoritm. Please let us know if it’s better or not. thx

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