State of AMD GPU mining on Linux

With so many threads to follow now I wanted a quick place to provide updates for support for open-source AMD GPU mining on Linux. To my knowledge this is where we currently are:

Zogminer fully working on Linux
Genoil’s ZEC Miner only Windows currently but Linux planned? Miner works and is stable but no stratum support and closed pool.
Nicehash working Windows GPU miner and port to Linux is underway
Claymore Working Linux miner (includes a 2.5% fee) but latest version not for Linux
Silent Army Linux miner, well supported and stable - currently on version 5
Optiminer New entry and fastest speeds (by a distance). Currently closed source, includes a dev fee and not as stable.

ethOS now supports Zcash with 1.1.4 running Silent Army (you need to update it to use version 5)
ZogOS is in active development from those that brought you Zogminer

Best option currently is either Silent Army or Optiminer if you want the best possible speed

If anyone has any meaningful additions or updates then please add below and I’ll try to edit this post to stay up-to-date with developments.


I am admin of
I have exactly the same test results :slight_smile:
Zogminer hangs linux after 5 minutes. There are many dmesg amdgpu-pro errors then just hang.
and Coinsforall miner works pretty stable but we require to have wallet address to use it.

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Thanks I’ve updated to say the miner is currently the best option and appears stable from multiple reports with the obvious downside of no stratum support. I’ll have another go at building this :slight_smile:

Question on I saw something about a 4% fee and payout after only ZEC4?

I think the 4% fee remains but I heard the 4 ZEC withdrawal limit may have been a remnant from old code and has been lowered (probably best to check on the specific pool thread). I think the pool is also having issues.

Yeah I have looked but can’t find anything, willing to waste some electricity on it

can someone reupload Miner ?
It exceeded downloads limit on google :slight_smile:

I don’t have version 0.2.2 binary (hopefully someone does) but you can always try compiling from source? GitHub - eXtremal-ik7/xpmclient at version/zcash

if anyone is interested i amready implemented this miner to my OS
THE OS is free for now, you can use it :slight_smile:

i found the linux install straight forward and stable

Thanks I may have had an earlier release. Did you go from the binaries or compile yourself?

Awesome I’ll take a look at this!

i just downloaded it and ran it after putting my addy in the config file

see here:

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Anybody actually get paid from coinsforall? i have heard comments that it is scammy…

Just to update this thread to say as far as I am aware nothing was released today that changes the original post.

I agree, coinsforall has dropped payout thresh hold, I have .011 requested but not been paid.

What drivers do you need on Linux ?

I got old 280X cards so using fglrx-updates. I have some 380 and 390X cards tried ubuntu 16.04 with AMGGPU-PRO driver something doing just won’t do OpenCL correctly. So getting about 30 on 390X about 15 on 380s and 16 on the 280Xs I really thing CPU is the way to go in terms of Wattage and initial cost. The GPUs are not massively better. Like 100x. I have my two macs an i7 and a MaCPRO XENON running Sms MacPro at 8 sol/s and i7 at 6 sol/s. I am sure MacPro could do better without the VM

Think I am in the same boat as you. Running a 280x,285 and 380 card rig, and using ubuntu 15.04 with fglrx-updates. Tried to upgrade to 16.04 and with AMGGPU-PRO driver, which did not work well. Have you gotten any GPU miner to work with Ubuntu 15.04+fglrx?

This was mentioned on another thread regarding a Claymore Zcash miner

Today I tried existing miners, I don’t like their stability and speed.
Ok, I will release first version of my ZCash miner very soon. AMD only.
Claymore's Dual Ethereum AMD+NVIDIA GPU Miner v15.0 (Windows/Linux)