Any problem on flypool


I cannot access flypool, is that my problem only?
I mean even HTTP not work…

Error 502 Ray ID: 3d3d222bc9f73337 • 2017-12-27 14:57:39 UTC
Bad gateway

Best regards,
Joe :slight_smile:

Website down it seems.

Agree with @chucky732, the page itself is currently down, they are still up because their offline version still loads

back to normal now :slight_smile:

Hi everybody!

Last couple of weeks even months I have such a problem on zec mining Flypool.
It takes more and more time to place a small amount form “Immature Balance” to “Unpaid Balance”.
I am using A9 ZMaster

any body facing same problems?

Hashrate and difficulty have been increasing steadily which results in less blocks found and more time to reach mature pay out