Flypool "unpaid balance"

I’m having problems with flypool which are making me doubt of the honesty of this pool. In the last couple of days I was having payments around 28h but today, my unpaid balance keeps going down right as it approaches the threshold. This is what happend.

  • My threshold is set to 0.05 ZEC
  • I looked early in the morning and the unpaid balance showed 0.048
  • A few hours later is was showing 0.037. I went WTF is going on? But I let it roll.
  • In the middle of the afternoon I looked again and it was 0.049.
  • As of now it is at 0.0469

Something is wrong here? Why they are reducing my unpaid balance like this? It is over 30 hours from my last payment and this keeps happening, no payment.

Are you running a small farm or a couple of cards?

I’m running 2x GTX 1080Ti FE 1550 sol/s average

I received the payment, it took 32.9 hours. At the moment I have 0.02737 on unpaid balance about 15 hours from the last payment, I should expect around more 14/15 hours for the next payment right? I’ll keep this thread updated.

Maybe you should take a look at, we are new and have instant payments after each block!