Anybody selling Zcash--> Paypal?

Hey guys is there anybody willing to exchange zcash with dollars/euro using Paypal!

Thank you very much in advance



Selling zcash?
Do your research before about zcash tech ,because you will see zcash explodes in price soon.
But it is just my advises they are other people here that they can confirm this one.
Zcash is the futur.


Its highly doubtful anyone would take you up on your offer as Paypal transactions can be reversed whereas ZCash cannot, thus creating an situation where the Seller is at risk and the Buyer is not.

Just do a Google search and you can see why most sellers are wary as there are countless cases where Paypal has reversed payments for transactions involving cryptocurrencys .

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indeed, paypal and crypto dont mix, check their policy. Sadly is still used a lot by people that want to scam. If you have euro’s/dollars just SEPA an trade. Or rent servers with GPU’s (pay with paypal) and collect the ZEC’s on your own. Won’t be cheap though.

Buy some BTC and exchange with ZEC on some platform :wink:
It’s easy

I am selling my Zcash we can do it thru my attorney escrow

I am selling my Zcash