Need Help! How to exchange ZCash to Paypal

Hi there, I’m new to cryptocurrency. I need your help to exchange my ZCash to Paypal, right now I personaly mining ZCash from nanopool. What is the best method to exchange ZCash to USD or to Paypal?

Thank You

An exchange like coinbase. But do realize they want to know everything about you! I even think they want a photo of you. Don’t forget the taxes!!

oh my. I don’t mind they want to know about me, nothing special btw. How many taxes they charge?

What i do is change zec over to one of the cryptos(last cash out was with ltc) listed on coinbase and sell directly to my linked paypal account. Fees are posted on their website

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Taxes would be taxed as income tax (so based on your income bracket), if you sell when you mine - odds are short term capital gains could apply too if you’ve held for a while, depending on holdings (so basically income tax, since ZEC is less than 2 years old this would most definitely apply). You could also write off costs, etc., but I’m guessing that you might not be a US citizen, in which case I’m not exactly sure how the tax law would apply to you. (Sorry if you are, your grammar makes me assume English is your second language)

I guess there is an application many use it called Skrill, where you can withdraw to your bank account directly .
I didn’t try it though .
many services can transfer your coins to that App .

Pls try transferring the coins to any exchange like coinbase.