I would like to buy some Zcash before Launch

I would like to buy some Zcashes before Launch, we can make a deal with trustworthy escrow.

Can you explain why you shouldn’t be booted from this forum?

What do you mean? We can’t post such things? Is it a forum rule for this thing?

Your proposition involves others risking their money while you risk nothing - which smells very much of a scam to me.

No, it is not like what you thought, the trading process is as below, if someone want to sell some Zcash to me, I will send my BTC to some trustworthy guy like you(the pre-requisite is you want to do escrow), when it launches, the zcash owner will send Zcash to you and you send Zcash to me and BTC to Zcash owner, in this trading scenario, I have the most risk.
This trading process works very well in other cryptocurrencies private trading like IOTA.


I see… I misunderstood.

I saw the title of the thread and also thought you were selling rather than bidding. Possibly “I want to buy…” could have been a better title.

This post is interesting as it’s the first I’ve seen that’s trying to establish an initial market price of Zcash…

I have updated the title to be more clear on what blackhatzw is trying to say. I do not think English is his/ her first language.

Thanks, English is not my native language.

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No need to apologise @blackhatzw, we got there in the end.

Now then… let’s get back to price discovery :slight_smile:

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me too but to find a honest escrow could be difficult :wink:

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I would like to buy some ZEC now if price is under 0.05BTC/ZEC.

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so ZEC was ico or what you WTB?

He is talking about making an agreement before Zcash launches. There is no ICO.

+1 I would also like to buy some “pre-IPO” Zcash

This requirement will be valid until I close it, PM me your offer if you are interesting.

No-one can guarantee ZEC before Genesis block, but we are offering Cloud Mining contracts. See cloud.zeropond.com for more info.

i like that buy-zeropond clound mining…pls contact me chrisalexov@hushmail.com

This will never work for the simple reason that you will be a loser in the deal no matter what. Seller can always retract his offer, escrow or not since the counter asset doesn’t exist pre-launch.