March 6, 2020 - Weekly Forum Update

Here are the latest updates from ECC:

Dates to remember

Community Shout Outs - This new section is to celebrate and highlight the contributions to Zcash made by folks outside of ECC and Foundation. Ping me if you have suggestions for next week.

This week in privacy, community researchers in Singapore are meticulously tracking the spread of Coronavirus. One observer asks, is this a good use of data or a privacy concern? Don’t miss EFF’s Eva Galperin presentation on stalkerware. NYT reports on how Clearview AI was an amusing plaything for the rich and powerful before it became a surveillance PR scandal. Meanwhile, the state of Utah just signed a hefty contract with AI startup Banjo that claims to do “essentially what Palantir does."

In crypto news, Zcash got a mention in Nathanial Whittemore’s podcast, The Breakdown. India’s Supreme Court lifted the ban on crypto trading. Microsoft, EY and Consensys are partnering to launch Baseline protocol, which uses ZKPs on Ethereum. Cointelegraph published a good explainer on ZK-SNARKS.