Arjun Balaji's "2019 predictions"

For example (of why you may be confused)

You see what the Company does and what your 80% do may not align
(a contentious hard Fork Community split is not desirable but if that’s what happens then that’s what happens)


When is software ever complete? When does innovation ever go so far that there’s no further to go? And when did you become ‘the community’?


And again, would the vote come to late next time also?

You were first saying we should of voted if we wanted to be heard “anyone could vote”.
Now you say it wouldnt of mattered even if we did vote “The vote came too late”.

So once again, we had ZERO voice is what you are trying to say. The community was against ASICs, and the 64 people that voted had zero effect on the desicion, so the devs voted for ASICs against the majority? You keep saying the community decided because “the panel voted”. But everything shows and says otherwise.

When have I ever said I was the community? Way to ignore 90% of my post. I did not make up these settings, Zcash did. They created them at the start of Zcash. If they just keep changing things when they feel the need, why should I belive anything they have written anywhere on the site knowing it can be changed on a whim?

They will quickly lose ALL trust constanly changing established guidelines and goals.

What is the Founders’ Reward?

10% of the eventual monetary base goes to the founders. The Founders’ Reward is distributed incrementally over the first four years of mining, so that there is continued incentive and continued resources for the founders to improve the value of the coin. Unlike a pre-mine or an Initial Coin Offering, this structure offers little or no opportunity for the founders to pump-and-dump.

After four years, the Founders’ Reward ends and all of the mining rewards after that go to the miners.

Read more in the blog post Funding, Incentives, and Governance.

You must not have read the results because it seems like theyre all in the works, stop taking arguments out of context
Besides zcash is designed to be trust less

Actually we’re in a prime time for the upcoming development cycle! Announcing Zcash Blossom and proposed feature goals


What am I taking out of context, im not sure what you are referencing?

Odd, if its trustless, Why did I trust them to stay ASIC-Resistant and than have that broken. There is a difference between trust in the crypto aspect of the coin vs the trust in the dev team.

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There’s a difference between an asic resistant algorithm and asic resistance
Neither are asic proof

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Yep, your right, It was all my fault for beliving they wanted ASIC resistance and it was important to them. I did jump to conclusions, so guess boo on me.

You keep referencing ‘the community’ as if there’s blanket support for your position. On the topic of losing trust, how much trust in Zcash do you think there will be when none of the current developers stay on-board because working for free doesn’t appeal to them?

@Lisfin you are conflating two separate topics.

The issue raised by the article at the beginning of this thread is about possibly extending a Developers fund. The ASIC resistance debate is being addressed with Zcash Foundation funding for an alternative POW (that could be merged if it meets the requirements) and another “harmony mining” proposal from Zcash Company. I suggest debating the merits of those proposal’s in thier respective threads.

So how do you feel about a Developers fund after the Founders Reward ends? What would you say is the best way to garner consensus of how Zcash Company should move forward with this important decision?


That was kinda the idea with ZEF which I think would be worth revisiting come that time

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Its all pretty much here
nobody’s trying to trick you

People accepted Zcash based on guidelines they laid out. That would be the “community” that uses ZCash, including me. 99% of the people could be in favor of more funding, it does not change the fact they are back tracking on stated guidelines that THEY created at the start.

Im just raising a point, this opens a door later on for more things(even more funding). Why am I the bad guy for questioning them changing mining rewards. I honestly dont mine Zcash anymore, so I dont care that much what they do. I just think its another underhanded move done by Zcash that will make miners lose even more faith.

Am I? My point is, will the funding vote by the “community” (if there is one) be the same sham(as you say it was) as the ANTI-ASIC vote the “community” made. AKA did not effect the decision.

I fell like, you guys made plans and needed 10% of the coins to complete it, wasnt that enough?
I dont know what your plans are after the rewards run out, it might be a good idea for you guys to release some information on what you plan to do, so we are not caught by surprise. If/When funding suddenly stops. This is a important topic for any company, im sure there has already been talks about it.

As a company they should of managed the funds better. If you ask for X amount of money to deliver said product, and than end up needing more half-way through, you must of made poor financial decisions, whether it be not asking for enough at the start, or spending too much of what you had.

Companys would of killed to have investors spend even a couple million investing into new tech 10 years ago. Amazon had to find 22 people to invest 50k each to get a million to start Amazon. With 2.1 million coins, you think Zcash would be off to a great start no?

Have you been in crypto lately? EVERYONE is trying to trick you, 90% of the coins are a scam. Trust is built and earned, not just believing what is in writing.

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everyone in the community (and I mean everyone) encourages scrutinizing everything the Zcash Company and the foundation as well as ourselves, the community, do
Nobody thinks you’re the bad guy for asking questions and nobody’s mad at you for possibly not understanding but the way the questions are presented potentially leaves one to think that you are either insincere or at the very least just rude and like I mentioned on one of the other threads, manners are a thing around here : )


Btw @daira I apologize if this isn’t appropriate, if not please delete


I can see how I can come off as rude. I was burned by GPUs getting kicked off the network, I do have a bitterness in me. However, I do belive in privacy coins, and want to see Zcash do well. It has some great tech.

I just hate watching them rewrite aspects of the coin when it suits their needs.

Well the conversation on the git Hub thread might actually be interesting to you

I have stopped using Zcash, I sold out back when GPUs were getting kicked off and havent been back. I think Zcash has alot of great tech, but it has burned me once already.