Ask Me Anything on Monday

Folks: Monday (Feb 2), I’m going to do an Ask Me Anything session on as part of this series:

It will start at 19:00 UTC. Please bring all your questions!


you are described as CEO of Zerocoin. Is this an error or what is the diference?

The AMA will take place at this URL:

Monday (Feb 2)

uuuhm…? :slight_smile:

Zcash used to be known as Zerocash and as Zerocoin. I’ve asked Roger Ver to update that thread to name is “Zcash” now.

I meant Mon, Feb 1, 2016!

Will Zooko be attempting to answer all questions which have already been added to that thread? Or just questions presented live while he is virtually present?

I have added a question to that thread and I am eager to read Zooko’s thoughts on the issues I raised. Thank you and sincerely.

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