Asrock btc motherboard and 6 riser

i install the 6 pci riser i power the motherboard from 2 psu

yesterday hashing good for half a day
nothing crashing every 10 minutes

what is wrong
i have windows 10 64 bit and Claymore v6.0
any option how i can fix that?

card is 6 asus 470 4gb

what risers are you using and also did you plug in the extra molex power on the board (not needed for powered risers) ?

You have hardware problem. Its always hard to connect 2 psus and work stable for long time. Check risers. Connect only one card. If work stable add another one.


what mean not needed for powered risers?

The usb only sends data so no need to add the extra molex connector with these.

ok i try to power cards only from pci express to see if work
to ised 1 or 2 psu?

As long as you don’t mix the power it’s fine to use 2


you mean i must use 1000 watt and 1000 watt not 1000w and 500 watt psu?

no I mean only power some GPUs 8pin power from the second PSU … nothing else

ok i will try and let you know

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use usb powered risers, also every card must be powered from same psu , do no mix the power supply will lead to troubles


I can second that – my rig kept crashing or behaving weird as long as it was powered by 2 PSUs. Now that I got one big PSU for the whole rig everything is rock stable.
I did not follow the advice on mixed power supplies very rigidly though (because I did not know about them back then), so maybe that makes a difference…

Do you have a link for the guide on using 2 power supplies?

Edit: I also cannot add a 4th 7950 gpu without my machine shutting off. 3 Cards runs great.

h81 pro btc
4 sapphire 7950’s
1 850w PSU on 2 cards, 1 650w PSU to mobo and 1 card. :cold_sweat:

it’s quite simple … use same power supply to power card and risers …do not mix … and you will be fine. Do not power a card with a supply and use a different supply to power the riser.

Oh shit! I have to undo everything! I literally have power supply for all risers and mixing gpus per psu.

Edit: I even have some dual 6 pin cards with 6 pin from 1 psu and 6 pin from 2nd psu…

never power a card from 2 power supplyes