Asrock H81 Pro BTC Boot straight from Pen drive

Hi guys,

I’m using this motherboard with simplemining running in a pen drive.

The problem is that to boot from pen drive, it always goes to the BIOS menu.

is there any way to avoid entering BIOS menu? Can’t I bypass the BIOS menu using a pen drive?


ofc. You need to set default device to boot from within the BIOS.
Hit f2 to enter BIOS menu and navigate to devices drop down menu and move thumb drive to number 1 spot.

It seems that when the usb is the only one thing connected, it doesn’t show at the boot list.

When I added one more pen drive, both appeared in the list, and I could pick the one I wanted as 1 spot. That’s weird.

Wonder why that would be, I’ve never had this problem.
Are you running latest BIOS?

Yes, Im running the latest.

I’ll have to solve this by now buying a cheap pen drive and plugging into a second USB port.

I run simplemining in the pen drive btw

You shouldn’t have to result in using a dummy plug.
Remove all connected media, connect only thumb drive and boot.

I agree but if I do this, it goes to the BIOS menu.

I have a friend with the same motherboard. It happens the same with him.

Think you may need to turn on Legacy support. Seems in UFEI bios mode only some of my boards won’t allow me to select USB as a boot option. Should be a bios option under the boot menu where it says enable legacy boot or enable legacy support.

Thanks, I will try this when I get home after work then I post here the results.

I use this board, whit a 3.0 usb pen drive memory, and onlychange de boot secuency

well I tried the legacy support, it was already enabled. I think my board has some kind of but.

I solved it buying a $5 extra pen drive and plugging in a second usb. then, both appeared in the bios menu and I could pick the sequence.

thanks everyone

Thanks for sharing your solution, @gusleig ! I have the exact same problem with two different ASRock H81 Pro BTC R2.0 boards and hoping that this will solve it (two extra USB drives ordered, on the way)!

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