HELP ! ASRock H110+ BTC >> How to update the BIOS?

Hello all.

This is the first motherboard where I can not find the BIOS Update!

  1. The first issue is that it does not see the M.2 port AT ALL…
  2. The second issue is that all of my 13 AMD R9 390 GPU are extremely slow.

I was advised to update the bios but on the Asrock website I can not find the model of H110 BIOS to download !

Any help will be just great at this bottleneck.

Thank hou !

LOL, I’m still trying to get any of my GPU’s recognized - just purchased 4x GTX 1080TI’s and none are recognized.

install one GPU at a time and install the drivers one at a time with restarting the rig each time you introduce a new GPU and the drivers installed. I know for a ASRock H110+ you have to start with all the black PCIE slots first and once they are filled you can move to the other pcie slots… Try that


Thank you !
It is working now !
Lots of (PSU) restart made it work. The restart btn on the MB is restarting but without success in boot.