At Blockchair we just launched our Zcash explorer!

Hi everyone,

At Blockchair we recently launched a Zcash explorer with full API support. We support deep sorting and filtering functionalities for transactions and blocks. We also support xPubs, transaction broadcasting, PDF-receipts, charts and have also added Zcash into our release-monitor.

What is important to know, is that we are fully private and do not store or share any user data, and do not track users. We also support Zcash on the Tor network for even better privacy. The onion links are as following:

V2: blockchairt5d4pj.onion
V3: blkchairbknpn73cfjhevhla7rkp4ed5gg2knctvv7it4lioy22defid.onion

We hope this is useful for everyone here. We’d appreciate your feedback and further sharing of the news in the community.

All the best,
Team Blockchair, Lucas