New public zcash block explorer

I’ve been debating tossing up a public Insight instance for zcash, both because its a block explorer and because there is increasing demand for one that people can use for its API calls for various reasons (broadcasting transactions without having your own full node, various wallet applications, etc).

The recent performance issues on the network tipped me over into doing so, as was having issues because of it and more than one view into the network is a Good Thing!

Its at has great features Insight doesn’t, and Insight has some that it lacks, so I think this is a win for everyone. Its going to cost a bit to run it, especially once traffic on it goes up, so please donate to support it via any of the methods at MercerWeiss Consulting — Independent Cryptocurrency Developer

Thanks again for everyone’s support, and let me know if you find any issues with it!

-David Mercer
Tucson, AZ


Nice! Looks like flypool is already using it.

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yeah we’ll have to see how long it is before I need to add more nodes. I set it up behind a load balancer on AWS, so I can do that easily when traffic ramps up.