August 7, 2020 - weekly forum update

Hi Zcashers, it’s short and sweet today. Here are the updates from this week:

  • MGRC elections are right around the corner and it’s important to get to know the candidates. Hudson Jameson suggested a series of Q&A live streams and he’s looking for feedback/ potentially volunteers to help out.

  • Help us improve Zcash documentation by sharing your feedback.

  • Josh S was on the podcast Decrypt Daily talking about Crypto in Context and the importance of economic freedom.

  • ICYMI, here are the recordings from past events this week

Mark your calendars,

  • 9/1, MGRC application deadline

Community Shout Outs - shoutout to Boston Zcash for identifying services that still use Sprout. We’ll be reaching out to encourage them to migrate to the new Sapling address format.

This week in crypto, Marc Hochstein, CoinDesk’s executive director says we should all be privacy scolds. Nigeria crypto activity is on the rise.