August 21, 2020 - weekly forum update

Here are the updates from this week:

  • MGRC elections are right around the corner and it’s important to get to know the candidates. There will be three Candidate Q&A sessions before voting begins September 4th. Keep an eye out in the forum for more information regarding livestream links.
    • Tues 8/25, 8:00 UTC, Elena moderating
    • Tues 8/25, 21:00 UTC, Ian Miers moderating
    • Wed 8/26, 17:00 UTC, Amber Baldet moderating
  • Zcash Foundation posted a summary of the August 18th MRGC discussion.
  • Zcash Community Advisory Panel is expanding. All current active members of the ZCAP can choose to invite one new member to the panel. ZCAP members will vote for the MGRC.
  • Linda updated the video tutorial for the Zcash Command Line Install Process.
  • Jane Lusby of the Zcash Foundation spoke at the Rust Conference last week. Jane spoke on Error Handling, way to go Jane!

Mark your calendars,

  • Sun, 8/23, FutureProof summit Aug 22nd & 23rd, Dodger is presenting
  • Mon, 8/24, FIN/SUM Blockchain event, Josh S. is on a panel
  • Next week, MGRC Q&A sessions
  • Tues, 9/1, MGRC application deadline
  • Fri, 9/4, MGRC voting begins

Community Shout Outs - Shout out to the 17 MGRC candidates and the Community Advisory panel. Next month is going to be interesting!

This week in privacy, Princesses can afford privacy but not everyone can afford the right to be forgotten. This article was from May but I discovered it this week, killing cookies can save journalism.

This week in crypto, Mexico is booming. Tether is moving. From July but I discovered it this week (h/tAndre), Mario Laul writes a great summary of FOSS governance models and how we can apply them to blockchain. If you’re bored this weekend, go play in a Dark Forest. That’s all for now, have a great weekend y’all. :cowboy_hat_face: