Auto restart after crash

Is there any way to set auto restart to the miner?

Yes go look in the Genoil thread.

Here’s some auto restart sample script.

autorestart.bat ---------------------------
start start.bat
timeout /T 3600
taskkill /F /IM genoil.exe
timeout /T 25
goto loop1

start.bat ------------------------------------
genoil.exe -c -u username.workername -p x

Make two files, autorestart.bat and start.bat
start.bat is the batch file for running miner.
autorestart.bat batch file is for restarting miner within certain time interval. It is set as 1 hour (3600 seconds) auto restart in the sample. Feel free to adjust that numbers between 1800 ~ 7200

I know there’s other smarter way like reading log file and restart only when error occurs, but I prefer this one as it’s simple and stable.

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thanks buddy i will try