Not Detecting all GPU-S

Hello Guys I am mining with: genoil-zec-miner-0.4.2 and I have this problems:
The config I use is : genoil.exe --con -u My Address.rig1 -p test1 -p 0 -g 0 1 2 3

1: Sometimes is not detecting all cards
2. After detecting cards 3 or 4 is mining like 10-15 mins and crashing or just dropping to 0
3. Sometimes is starting but getting the cpu at 100%

How to fix that? Thanks in advanced and sorry for my english.

i’m using 1 bat per gpu and auto restart after 30 min. is more stable for me , if have crash the bat will restart genoil miner after 30 min auto. Edit Version 0.5 here

bat one . -g 0
bat two -g 1


@echo off

echo -------------------------------------------------------------------
echo Simple script to restart your miner software after a period of time
echo -------------------------------------------------------------------

set executable=genoil1.exe
set commandline= -c -u BTC ADRESS -p x -P 1 -g CHANGE to 0 or 1 etc for card used
set runforseconds=1800
set restartinseconds=2
set /a counter=0
timeout 2
start “genoil” %executable% %commandline%
echo The software will run for %runforseconds% seconds
timeout %runforseconds%
taskkill /f /im %executable%
echo Restarting the software in %restartinseconds% seconds (%counter%)
timeout %restartinseconds%
set /a counter+=1
goto start

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I was in same situation but, just try last version of miner. That can fix your problem , its work stable for me.:relaxed:

Use this script posted by @alexfox

working perfect here .

if u get 0 sol you miner will be restart auto

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I download the last version and i will try how it works I hope it will fix the crashes. How I can do the autorestart miner?

Well still the same. What is the config to do auto restart?

Delite karnels in cache folder and restart it. Try it few times.

Ok all fixed expect 1 card is working withoud crashes but 1 of the cards is mining at 5-6 how i can fix that?

Try Claymore zec miner .