For all you people who want your miner restarted every 30 minutes! (Windows)

I have no idea about batch files but i’ve delved into it and done this not just for myself but for you guys also.

name of batch file to start your miner EG: (Start.bat)

Add to the top: title Start.bat

Make a new batch file and name it what ever you want (EG: Restart.bat) and add this:

title Restart.bat
start Start.bat …
timeout /t 30 >null
taskkill /f /im MINEREXCUTABLENAME.exe >nul
taskkill /f /im cmd.exe >nul /fi “windowtitle eq Start.bat”
timeout /t 7 >null
goto loop

Search for a file on windows called timeout.exe, copy and paste it into your miners main folder.
timeout /t 30 >null (30 = 30 seconds, change it to what ever you’d like.) 1800 = 30 minutes.
timeout /t 7 >null (7 = 7 seconds, change it to what ever you like. This will wait 7 seconds before reopening Start.bat)
MINEREXCUTABLENAME.exe is the name of your miner EG: nheqminer.exe

Enjoy guys :slight_smile: