Auto restart possible?

Thank you! I will think about it. wmic.exe it is good opinion or better is diff.exe?
Yes i will post it soon on bitcointalk, on version i think, need to optimise code, fix grammatical errors, and test script. On bitcointalk many peoples, I dont want to have many bugreports :slight_smile:

About .NET GUI, if you start to code it, contact me, maybe I will help with testing, features/ideas, optimisations.


wmic.exe is good as part of windows.
doff.exe is third party tool.

Hey, it is working however I get stuck everytime dev fee should be accepted. My miner wasn’t working whole night because of that. One Ctrl + C solved it then…

  1. Disable fee with –fee 0


  1. Right click on miner console title bar window and choose properties.
    Uncheck “QuickEdit Mode”.
    This prevent pause on console window when it get focus/click.

I’m using a batch file on windows that restarts all miner every hour.

If a process dies it would be max 1 hour offline.

Pretty simple but it does the job for me

i tried your script and it is fail. once the miner detects 0 sol/s, the miner is restarted but then every 60 seconds it restarts! it seems the script is still looking at the 0 sol/s in the logfile.

doff.exe in your system path???

@sverox @Undertrey
Did you already post your scripts on
If you did, send us a link, so we can write some nice comment.

My program topic on bitcoitalk.

And new topic on this forum.

Thank you for your support!


1 day someone mine with 2.5 KH on my donation address

with my old auto restart script from here

If this is on purpose donation :slight_smile: - thanks very much.

If is mistake (maybe forget modify for your settings/address in script) - fix your settings because you not earn anything.

Hello, im new to this forum.
Can someone explain me how fully edit the _start_ZEC_flypool_xxx file. Im using EWBF miner.
What should i change and what should i leave there?
Thank you guys.

As with most problems in software when it achieves wide use, someone else already fixed the problem.

Read everything carefully, make sure to mine to your address and it will be quite straightforward.


I’m using this program, the paid version, and it’s excellent. Does everything you’d want an autorestart to do (restart miner, restart computer, set OC profile, start Teamcenter, etc).


I’m author of MinerKeeper - a console application that constantly monitors your miner and restarts the miner in case he crashed or stopped mining due to any internal errors. MinerKeeper, if you want, can also inform you about the restart of the miner, generate the summary report about your rig and send the notifications to your e-mail address or to your Telegram Messenger.

This project is in active development phase and already includes the next options:

  • Restart a miner in case of a crash or if it stopped mining due to any internal errors
  • Automatically restart a miner every X hours
  • Adjustable time interval for monitoring of a miner
  • Configurable delay before the restart of a miner, to allow the GPUs to be correctly restarted
  • Sending a summary report of your farm every X hours
  • Sending all of the notifications to the e-mail address and/or to Telegram Messenger
  • Full Russification of the interface and for all of the notifications

The home page of the project on GitHub is here.

hey your problem was done

Hi everyone ,
Can anybody help me with auto restart scrypt for linux ?
Thank you !

try this pendrive mining os
it includes a restart watchdog

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Thank You !
I’ll try it .

Hi @sverox , in another forum you told for one win "fix " :slight_smile: , Is this ready yet ? pm ?

Is same state. Works with flypool and i use it.