EWBF Miner crash

Every so often EWBF will crash (all the GPU’s will stop working, it will try to reinitialize without success indefinitely until I log into the computer, and restart the miner (restarting the computer doesn’t not seem to be required). This tends to happen every 2-3 days. If it happens when I’m sleeping or not able to access a computer I can lose a lot of mining time potentially, is there a way to get the miner to restart the program if something like this happens instead of just trying to reinitialize? Even having the computer automatically restart in such an event would work since I have the miner set to start with windows (running Windows 10).

Try setting the monitor to never get turned off, have been struggling with EWBF stability and have had no crash’s over the last 12 hours now since i have made that change.

I had the same issue. It was maddening because I have all computers in an office about 12 minutes away. Inevitably, I would leave the office and one or more of the computers would do exactly what you describe. I found the solution yesterday. Make sure that your hardware is running well before using it though because this will auto restart the program no matter what. I make no claim or warranty surrounding this code. Use at your own decision. Also, I am not the author of the code, that goes to MoeinBiz over at Bitcointalk.

Also, read the help file in the EWBF directory. The help file makes SO much more sense after seeing how to execute different settings. For example, if you wanted EWBF to terminate when there were mining or connection issues, you just need to add --eexit 3 to your bat file. there are additional --eexit settings that are explained in the help file. I didn’t realize this until yesterday, but it is amazing to see how powerful the software is, but also how easy they made it to get started with.

So here is the code below. Create a new bat file and change the settings for your personal needs. You can test that it is working by overclocking a card temporarily so that it kicks the graphics cards from mining. Ha ha be sure to set the graphics OC to a working parameter again. You will need to wait for 3 restart attempts (explained in the help file) and then it will terminate EWBF and restart it. Everything in the CMD window will be saved and will show in a log file that will be created in the miner directory.

miner --server [SERVER] --port [PORT] --user [USER] --pass x --eexit 3 --log 2 --pec
goto :restart


Thanks a lot, I’ll see how this goes.

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I created a batch file for startup that will kickoff the miner again. So if you crash, you can start completely fresh. You can create a crash batch file too, and add a shutdown script after your miner commands, so if your miner exits, it will step down to your next command, which restarts your system. Hoila…perpetual miner!

This is working great, just tested it by over overclocking the system to make it crash haha. Do you know if there is a way to get the eexit command to close the miner after 2 restart attempts instead of 3 though? Takes a while for it to do the restart attempts but definitely better than potentially hours if I’m sleep haha.

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Try --eexit 2

instead of 3

–eexit 2 will not have the desired effect. If you enter --eexit 2, it will only exit the program in the event of losing a connection with the mining server. EWBF is programed for 3 tries. That is just how it goes. I am not aware of anyway to change that.

Well, it just crashed again (first time in about 30 hours) and successfully restarted automatically!

I have had the same experience. Seems to be working like a champ. I have put all 8 computers on this setup. Ha ha only issue what that I forgot to set it to autostart on a restart. I need to use Cryptomined’s advice on streamlining Windows 10 so that Windows Update stops unless I initiate it. Also, be sure to set your motherboard to power on when it detects power. That way, if there is a brownout, it will auto turn on when power is restored.

So “eexit 3” is for exiting the miner in case of both error cases stated in the help file and “–pec goto :resart” is for restarting the miner? I cant find the restart command in the help file, where did you find this? Is it necessary or does the miner also restart through “–eexit”?

–pec shows you the power and sols/watt stat in EWBF

goto:restart is a goto command that loops back to :restart at the top of the bat file

The goto and restart command is just from a standard programing language, not from ewbf. You need everything there to restart. The --eexit 3 command stops the EWBF program and then the goto :restart loops the program back to the top.

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Alright, i think i got it. Thx for the help!

Happily. None of this is hard, but it certainly isn’t very intuitive when beginning!

Not a single crash in 3 days now! I think i may have find the ideal clock speeds.

So let me understand my friends, im new to this:
" --eexit 3 --log 2 --pec"
eexit will restart my miner after crashes ? --log 2 will create a log and --pec will show my effiency ?
which command can i use to restart the miner after some issue ? i don’t want to close it, i want to keep mining, its so sad to wake up in the morning and see that you didn’t mined nothing.
thanks for your help my bros

For that, you need the script at the top of this that I posted. You then
sandwich your EWBF commands in between

That is the Nvidia drivers, not EWBF. In Linux its the same thing (no monitor and the video drivers unload). Its not practical to have a monitor on all rigs. In Linux you can spoof a monitor in xorg and it will run completely headless. There is a way to do this in Windows too, but it may be easier for you to just hardware spoof a monitor. You can either buy a plug that makes the PC think a monitor is always connected or you can make your own with a 75ohm resistor.

Google “monitor dummy plug” for more details.

Okay everything changed now that I’m running 7 cards. It seems very unstable. I have had to remove all of my previously stable overclocks from every card and my performance of some cards is low. With no overclocking I get the following:

(GPU2 and GPU3 are zotac amp extreme’s and the other 1080Ti’s are EVGA SC Black Editions. Previously I would be getting ~750 to 760 sols out of the EVGA cards).

GPU0: 675 Sol/s GPU1: 439 Sol/s GPU2: 730 Sol/s GPU3: 721 Sol/s GPU4: 686 Sol/s GPU5: 443 Sol/s GPU6: 724 Sol/s
Total speed: 4418 Sol/s

I am running on 3x 1000W power supplies which is complete overkill so that shouldn’t be the problem. I am running the 2 1070’s and 2 zotac gtx 1080Ti’s off 1 sata cable each though (1 sata cable to power the 2 1070 risers and 1 sata cable to power the 2 zotac 1080ti’s). All the EVGA cards have their own sata cable.

Any idea’s?

Yeah the OC will interact with multiple GPU’s in complex ways. You really need to start over with your OC when you add additional GPU’s (at least that is what I find). I have automated OC on my rigs so they seek the best OC with no more than one automated hard restart a day (fairly easy in Linux). Usually takes about a week for them to find the best OC on all GPU’s, that is just below instability, but its still a work in progress.