Backing up after moving to Universal Addresses

Using the Zecwallet Fullnode I transfered all my ZEC to a UA. That worked successfully. If I call ./zcash-cli backupwallet “destination”, does that still backup my wallet including the UA’s?

I was a little confused reading the instructions at the end of running the ./zcashd-wallet-tool command.

Thank you.

Safely copies current wallet file to destination filename

I think it makes a copy of the wallet.dat file. I believe the zcashd-wallet-tool will spit out your seed phrase as well as all your private keys. You will want to keep both files. Welcome to forum :zebra:

Thank you for your response. So is it safe to use zcashd-wallet-tool to backup the private keys multiple times? I was in the habit of calling zcash-cli backupwallet multiple times a month. Same practice here?

Thanks again.

There is no serialized form of a UA (or just an orchard receiver) private spending key, only the seed phrase. The ‘accounts’ sapling and transparent receivers still have priv keys and can be restored in the legacy fashion which isn’t recommended but it’s worth mentioning at least until the new seed phrase recovery method is supported. But otherwise yes and backing up often is excellent practice :100: