Backing up after moving to Universal Addresses

Using the Zecwallet Fullnode I transfered all my ZEC to a UA. That worked successfully. If I call ./zcash-cli backupwallet “destination”, does that still backup my wallet including the UA’s?

I was a little confused reading the instructions at the end of running the ./zcashd-wallet-tool command.

Thank you.

Safely copies current wallet file to destination filename

I think it makes a copy of the wallet.dat file. I believe the zcashd-wallet-tool will spit out your seed phrase as well as all your private keys. You will want to keep both files. Welcome to forum :zebra:

Thank you for your response. So is it safe to use zcashd-wallet-tool to backup the private keys multiple times? I was in the habit of calling zcash-cli backupwallet multiple times a month. Same practice here?

Thanks again.