Best GTX 1070 brand?

Hello! I’m looking to build a 7 GPU rig with 1070s and was among these options:

  • Zotac AMP 1070 AMP Extreme
  • Asus Strix 1070
  • MSI Gaming Z 1070

Which of these is more overclockable or mines the most?



I would choose the Zotac AMP 1070 AMP Extreme, highest GPU frequenz better cooling as the MSI Gaming Z 1070.
The Zotac card is also a very stable oc card.


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They are mostly the same.
Even if one have higher clock speed, you can still OC them to the same limit.

And if you want best efficiency, you will most likely set TDP to around 70%, so those clock speeds won't matter, because TDP will bottleneck card down.

I got Palait Jetstream on the 1080ti and I am glad I did - it was the cheapest card I could get and the heatsink etc is actually really good quality better than many big card manufacturers cough gigabyte cough

Really for mining your better off getting the cheapest you can get away with, the lower your purchase costs the faster your return on investment. Resale value is a myth when you come to sell there will be little difference in price between a msi and a asus or any of the others.