Zotac 1070 8gb amp. is it worth it?

Hello guys! I am new to this community and right now, I want to invest some money in 13 rigs ZOTAC 1070 8gb. The price for rig is 3264euros. So it’s quite a lot of money for me. I was wondering what is your opinion on this model? I want to mine zcash in special, from what I saw one graphic card has 490 - 500 sols/s(165W, 65C) so per rig would be 3000 sols/s(around 1100W).

Thank you for your time!

I have this card. I get around 470 Sol/s out of it. I haven’t had too much luck OC’ing it, although it can be OC’d. I only slightly OC’d it to keep it stable. They run hot though, so they need to be well ventilated and definitely need assistance staying cool.

I also use ETHOS on EWBF, the space is pretty good ventilated.

I have one Zotac 1060 and it runs way hot. It can not be overclocked. As compared as several other asus 1060s and evga 1060s I use

how much power does it consume to get 470 Sol/s?

for 490-500 sols it consumes 165W, for 470 sols I think you can go down to 140W

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Is your 470 sol/s was your average or spike max?